Important Dates                   

Beach Clean Up                           SATURDAY May 18th                                                                                                followed by potluck breakfast
1st Association Meeting         SUNDAY mAY 26th FOLLOWed by picnic
                                                                                        (Bring a dish)
2nd Association Meeting          Sunday, July 7th 
     followed by silent auction and golf cart parade
​3rd Association Meeting          Sunday, September 1st
BEACH CLEAN UP  and closing              TBD

All meetings begin at 10am

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The calendar has been updated with this years meeting dates & other important info!  Click here

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Woodstock & Lakepoint Homeowners Association WLHA

Welcome to Summer 2024!!!! Beach clean up May 18th, 10 am. Association Picnic May 26th following the meeting see detail below.
Check out the events on the calendar page!

You can mail your dues in to 

        Dennis Creedon
    14070 Ashurst Street
      Livonia, MI 48154

Please make  checks payable to WLHA

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