Welcome!  We are working to compile a record of who has what boat dock.  Many have been abandoned and many need upkeep.  Our Dock Committee has volunteered to undertake this daunting task of trying to identify who owns what dock.  The Committee nor the Board members are in any way attempting to "Police" the boat docks.  That is not the purpose of this.  We would like to have a record or some type of data repository that links property owners to boat docks.  As a reminder occupancy of a boat dock doesn't transfer with the sale of the property.  If you are interested in obtaining a dock and you are a property owner in the association whose dues are paid current, please contact the Dock Committee to find out if any are available.

Brent: 517-802-7184

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Woodstock and lakepoint homeowners association

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Dock Requirements

During the WLHA membership meeting, it was decided by the members at large, to clarify the definition of the requirement in the bylaws to maintain your dock space looks like for 2022. It was motioned, seconded, and approved to adopt the following as requirements to maintain your current dock space.
1. All occupied dock spaces must be marked with an orange triangle. Written on the triangle needs to be your last name and lot number. We recommend you include your contact information so we can all help patrol each other’s property. For those who currently have a dock it needs to be labeled as such by August 31st 2022. If you are newly assigned a dock space it needs to be marked as such within 90 days of its assignment.
2. Grass must me kept mowed and trimmed around all spaces.
3. If you are not keeping your boat in your space full time then it is recommended you notify a member of the board or dock committee so that we know the space is still being used.
4. The dock areas are part of the common area owned by the association at large. Dock spaces are not deeded with the sale of a home. Because the use of a dock space is not transferable upon the sale of a property, once sold the now vacant space will be assigned to a different property owner to use subject to all other standards of maintenance.
5. All occupants of a dock space must be a property owner of WLHA.

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